Principal Notes 1/14/2021

St. Jane de Chantal School



Dear Parents,

 Christmas was three weeks ago today. The trees are waiting to be picked up and one by one the lights on houses go dark. These will be the long days ahead.

It is during this time that we all need to concentrate on being positive. As the virus days stretch on and on, we are all yearning for just one normal outing with friends or a movie and dinner. The ordinary activities seem so out of reach. January and February have always been months of discontent. The weather is uncertain and the excitement of the holidays is gone. Being positive and appreciative can be achieved with effort.

The news is dire at this point. The virus was enough to contend with and now we have the threat of violence. It is very important to talk with your children. They can sense that something is going on. You do not need to over explain or dwell on the details, but pretending it is not out there will cause more questions. Curtail the news if you are not in the same room. Contain your own anger and try to be reassuring. Plan activities that will distract your children and yourselves. Take a hike in the opposite direction of where the danger lurks. Find some calm movies and watch them together. This too will pass . Don't engage in trouble that is not yours.

Valentines Day is a month away. We are planning to have the children bring their valentines in on February 2 and February 5. We will keep them on the shelf and let them degerm. Buy them now and you will have a delightful activity over the weekend.

The news of the vaccine is encouraging. We are hearing that teachers are on the list to receive it soon. This will not mean that the threat is over in the school . We will continue with the schedule in place. Below is a note from Mrs. Hayzlett to remind us all of what we need to do. It is not an accident that the school has remained healthy. It is the work of the cleaning staff, teachers, children and parents working together.


From Mrs. Hayzlett:


·     Coronavirus is more dangerous than the flu or many other viruses. It has killed hundreds of thousands of Americans and made millions more sick, including long-term symptoms.

It spreads mainly through the air, especially indoors, but can also linger on surfaces. 

Wearing a mask over the mouth and nose can reduce the chance of catching or transmitting it. 

People who catch the coronavirus can go for days without knowing they have it – even while they’re spreading it to others. 

The most contagious days are two to three days before symptoms start, and three to five days after – but can last up to 10 days after the first symptoms appear. 

The highest risk of catching it comes from being within 6 feet of a contagious person for 15 minutes or more

Symptoms can develop up to two weeks after being exposed to a contagious person. They include fever, fatigue, dry cough, shortness of breath, diarrhea, loss of sense of smell or taste, headache, other aches and sore throat. 

Children and teens can catch and spread it, not just adults.

CDC recommends to continue to wear mask ~even after receiving vaccine.


We are doing our best to keep our students safe and hope to keep our school open. Please be mindful of the decisions you make and activities you do outside of the classroom. 


"Being in a pod is like being in a little rowboat together and trying to stay dry. If someone from the boat jumps into the water and then tries to climb back on board, the boat could tip – or they could get their fellow passengers wet."






Elizabeth Hamilton