May 7, 2014

It’s May! It’s May! The calendar is full and the events just keep coming. Hold on, June will be here soon.


Thanks to all of the volunteers who came last Friday. You helped make the day run smoothly. I cannot say enough about Mrs. Tehan. She makes the whole event look so easy. But don’t be fooled. She works many nights preparing and there are many behind the scene efforts that take careful planning. Thank you to Mrs. Tehan. Below is an honor she received and I would like to share:


On April 26th Lisa Tehan was inducted into the Montgomery College Hall of Fame for her success as the Head Women’s Tennis Coach.

Mrs. Tehan coached from January 1991 through June of 1992. During her first season, the team went 7-1 and they placed 2nd in Region XX in the NJCAA. In her second season, her team won their Division with an 8-0 record. They continued to win the Maryland State Junior College Tournament as well as the Region XX Tournament. She earned Coach of the Year at the State and Regional levels. Winning the Regional Tournament earned her team a bid to the National Junior College Tournament in Tyler, Texas. Coach Tehan was pregnant with her first child when she took her team to Texas, where they placed 10th in the nation in Division II of the NJCAA. Her former boss, Tom Bichy, nominated her for this honor. Tom Bichy is the father of Brian Bichy and grandfather to Lucas Bichy who is in third grade here at De Chantal. This wonderful honor was televised on MCTV Channel 10.


This Saturday we will have 2 First Communion ceremonies for the second grade. On Monday, the Grandparents Day will take place. Mass is at 9:30 AM. The children will be seated by family in ABC order. If you have cousins, decide within your family where the grandparents will be. We will seat the cousins together.


The Band Concert is on Monday. Grandparents are welcome to come. The Band will also perform at night.


The May Crowning is on May 19 at 9:30 AM. All are welcome. It is a beautiful ceremony. The second and eighth graders will come in their white dresses and jackets and ties. They take part in the ceremony.


Remember to save May 20 at 7PM. There will be a speaker on the Internet Responsibility. This is for parents. The children will have a session during the day. He will speak to grades 3 through 8.


These are busy, hectic days. However these are the days children love and remember. Enjoy them. Look for the positive and the fun. These are the years you will look back on and want back. It is spring and summer is close. Smile and be happy.