May 14, 2014

These are truly busy days. From the First Grade Mother's Day to Grandparents' Day/Band
Concert there were 7 events. But all good things! The Grandparent's Day was well attended
and the Mass was beautiful. First communion was very touching. The Band Concert was
fabulous. The band is unbelievable. We have many talented children.

Congratulations to Mrs. Hughes who is our Teacher of the Year. This was announced at the
Annual Knights of Columbus Teacher of the Year on Friday night. We are very happy with the

MANY BLUE TUITION CONTRACTS STILL OUTSTANDING: We still need contracts returned from
35 families. That is 1/10 of the number of families in the school. These blue contracts were
sent home a week before Easter break. This contains wording specific for our school including
the Pastor's Scholarship form on the reverse side. It is the last step on the enrollment process
and is required even if you have enrolled and paid on TADS. If your youngest child's homeroom
teacher has asked for this form to be returned, please comply.

Yearbook orders are due on Friday. It is very hard to tell children they do not have a yearbook.
You must order in advance. The yearbook is such a popular book for the children.

Our 6th graders are away at Wilderness Adventure. This is a 3-day trip. During this trip they
work through many challenges outdoors. It is a wonderful experience. The 8th graders will leave
for Williamsburg and Busch Gardens on Thursday. This is also a great experience. Thanks to
teachers and parents who chaperone the trips.

Don't forget that the Friday before Memorial Day is also a NO SCHOOL day.

We are still working on the mascot. Some parents have sent in ideas. We seem to hear more
about what people do not like. In the end there will be a mascot and we want everyone to
embrace it. We have given the opportunity for input. So please be open minded in the end.