April 29, 2014

Spring break was so needed by all. The children have come back looking ready for summer. These are the busy weeks ahead that lead to the final destination: SUMMER.


Please come to school on time. The same children arrive every day through the front door. This is not how it is supposed to happen. Everyone would like the luxury of driving up and dropping children in the front. It would not work. If you are a regular in the front then please come on time and drop your children in the lower lot.   Also please drop your children by 8:10 AM. When so many cars come later it holds the entire school up and makes the first class shorter. Please be on time.


All Tuition Contracts are due by this Friday, May 2. Returning the contract is the last step in the enrollment/re-enrollment process which you should have done on TADS by now.

Most people have already paid the re-enrollment fee through TADS or by sending money to the school. If you have not paid the fee you received a white invoice attached to the contract. Please submit the fee along with the contract.


As you may know, 23 of our choir members will be going to Paris in July. They will be the only American choirs in France for the Pueri Cantores Congress. They will be singing in Normandy, Notre Dame and in many other Churches. This is a wonderful way to showcase our school. The next trip is in December, 2015. This one is in Rome. So think about it for the future.


Friday is Field Day. It is also a half day. Hopefully the field will dry out for the events on the field. This is a wonderful day and it looks like the rain will be gone.


Next Monday is Lollipop Day for new students. The PreK will have their own orientation. If you have a kindergarten child for next year, please join us on Monday.


Grandparents Day is on May 12. That is also the day for the Band Concert. Grandparents will meet at the church for 9:30 Mass. We ask that parents send the grandparents. There is not enough room for parents at the mass. We barely fit as it is. We will take good care of everyone!