Rm. 17 - Mr. Molloy


6th Soc. St. 7th Soc. St. 8th Soc. St.


Week 7 October 12-October 15

Hello everybody!!

Congratulations to the new 2021-2022 Student Council, and thank you to all those who ran.  I am VERY proud of ALL of you!!

Coming off a long weekend, we have a sprint to Halloween.  Keep your head down and work hard the rest of this 1st quarter!!

Keep up the great work and please set the proper example for the younger students.    

All the best!

Mr. Molloy

 You can email me ANYTIME with questions or concerns at



Just a few things:

-You are the leaders of the school.  Please act like it.  What the little ones see, the little ones do.

-If you are sick, please stay home.

-Kids, DON'T get caught with an unauthorized cell phone. If I find it, its mine for a long while.  Check the handbook.

-If you think you need a haircut, please get one.  If a teacher has to point out that you need a trim, its too late. Again, refer to the handbook.

-There are service hour opportunities throughout the year, the sign up sheets are first come first serve 

-Be respectful to others, and they will show you respect in return.