Carpool / Traffic Regulations

Aerial view of afternoon carpool procedures

The Montgomery County Police Department sponsors safety patrols.  Drivers must follow their directions at all times.  Drivers failing to do so may be reported to the Montgomery County Police Department.

Morning Carpool Procedures and late arrivals

Afternoon Carpool Procedures and notes. Please study the aerial view of PM Carpool and note the position of the "redline". Children may go to the cars on the downhill side of the redline.   

In the event of inclement weather,
carpool may  dismiss from the front office and south side classroom doors.  Please follow the patrols’ instructions. Have the names of all the children in your car/carpool printed clearly on an index card. Stay in your car, and a patrol will collect your index card.  Please do not come into the school; your child will come to you.

Your child’s safety is always our primary concern.  
The goal of the school is to dismiss the students promptly and safely.  To achieve this, parents are asked to refrain from conversing with the teachers on duty.  Cellular phones are not to be used while driving on school property.

The cardinal rule of the parking lot is: WHEN THE PEOPLE MOVE, THE CARS DO NOT.  WHEN THE CARS MOVE, THE PEOPLE DO NOT!