Pre-K Mrs. Goetcheus, Mrs. Kelley and Mrs. Gaenzler




Welcome to Pre-K at St. Jane de Chantal School!

Pre K brings, the 100th Day Party, very exciting songs, projects and more! We look forward to enjoying each and every moment with your children this school year. 

Please check this website often. It will be updated weekly, aiming to answer many of your questions, however, if your questions are not answered, please feel free to email us anytime at:

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Please read on to see what we will be working on each week as well as information every Pre K parent should know at De Chantal.


Mrs. Kelley, Mrs. Goetcheus and Mrs. Gaenzler


 January 25th-January 29th

Welcome to the last full week of January, can you believe how fast the first month of 2021 went? As we get closer to Valentine's Day, don't forget to send in Valentines the week of February 1-4th with your child so they can quarantine. Please make sure all Valentine candy handed out is store-bought (not homemade) and NUT FREE. Next week is Catholic School's Week. This is a week where we celebrate being a Catholic School. Each day we thank different people who make Catholic Schools a reality: the students, parents, the community, the priests, the administrators, and the teachers.Virtual Wednesday will have a live Circle Time Zoom at 8:30am.  Please go into the Google Classroom for the link.  The children are doing great in the classroom. Report cards already went home. Please send back the envelope signed, we do not need the papers inside OR the report card, those are for you to keep. If you would like to request a virtual conference just let us know.



This week it is all about the Letter "Q".  The books that we will be reading this week are: "A Quiet Night In", "Giggle, Giggle Quack", "Quilt Alphabet", and "How the Quail Earned His Topknot".

Math we will be working on Q-tip math number book and quack subtraction.  We will also continue to review addition with the children

Reading/Writing will be working on Letter Q mini book, Quail mini book, Q puzzle and race to Letter Q

Art will be super fun this week because we will be creating Qtip art, quilt Q and quails

Social Studies: we will making homemade bird feeders for our friends surviving the winter months outside 

Science Qtip snowflakes

Religion Jesus chooses his Disciples

Let's Find Out: Slip sliding on Ice

Important Dates:

Virtual Wednesday!!




****Important  Reminders****

- Please pack your child a snack, lunch, drink, trash bag (small newspaper bags work well), and a wash-cloth to use as a place mat EVERYDAY- even half days.

 - We are a nut-free classroom. Please do not send your child with items that contain nuts or are processed in a factory with nuts for morning snack. All birthday treats must be nut free and not processed in a factory with nuts. 

- If you are sending your child to extended day, please remember to fill out the form located online:

- Important papers will typically be sent home in your child's red folders.  Please empty the folder before sending back to school the next day.

- Please practice self-help skills with your children (opening lunch containers, zipping backpacks and lunch boxes, tying shoes, buttoning clothing items). These are skills used in the classroom daily.  

- If there is any change in your child's dismissal routine (i.e. going home early, or being picked up by someone else, etc) you must send a note in that morning.  Please do not email us with time sensitive dismissal info because I may not get it in time for dismissal.

- Don’t forget to label everything your child brings or wears to school, we have many children all wearing the same thing, it is hard to trace clothing and lunch boxes back to their owners!

- When sending money in to school please place in sealed envelope and label the outside with a To: and From: as well as what it is for.



Important signs of illness are:

  • temperature greater than 100.4 degrees
  • nausea/vomiting/diarrhea/stomachache
  • pale or flushed face
  • headache
  • cough
  • shortness of breath
  • sore throat
  • thick discharge from nose
  • rash or skin infection
  • red or pink eyes
  • loss of appetite
  • decreased energy level /body fatigue
  • new loss of taste or smell
  • earache

** Please contact your healthcare provider and discuss symptoms to see if COVID testing is recommended.**

 If a student tests (+) for COVID 19, they will stay home per CDC guidelines. A note will be required from your healthcare provider before returning to school

(Non- COVID illness), Children should stay home for at least 72 hours after onset of an illness and/or if they are sent home from school.

Children should be without a fever for 72 hours without Tylenol &/or Ibuprofen before returning to school

Children should NOT come to school if they have recently been exposed to someone with COVID 19.  Please discuss with your healthcare provider, and  complete quarantine period (without becoming symptomatic or diagnosed with COVID-19.)