Lunch Angels

Thank you to the many parents who volunteer their time during the school lunch hour. Your commitment to the program gives our faculty a much appreciated opportunity to enjoy their lunch hour as well as attend to other issues that arise during the school day. If you find you are unable to meet your scheduled slot, please remember to secure a substitute.  


Returning Lunch Angels

To register for lunch angels follow the steps below.  At any time if you need help, click here for step by step instructions.

  1. Log into the lunch angel scheduling system

  2. Click on the "My Profile" tab

  3. In the Ministries and Scheduling section, specify the classrooms your children are in this year.

  4. Hit Submit and you're done!

Need help? Check out these step by step instructions to see how to register for lunch angels this year.

New Lunch Angels


  1. Check out the volunteering checklist you must complete before volunteering to be a lunch angel at de Chantal.

  2. As part of becoming a lunch angel, you will need to fill out the new lunch angel form and return to the front office.


Contact Lexa Gandolfo or Liz Welsh with any questions.