Cafeteria Expectations

Lunch Angel responsibilities:

When you arrive please make sure that you sign in at the main office and get a name tag.

It is the duty of the adult to lead (not follow) the children into the cafeteria in an orderly manner. If the children are too loud and out of control do not allow them to enter until they quiet down.

For the purpose of maintaining order in the cafeteria we ask that you circulate and avoid gathering in small groups or paying attention only to your child. Please do not sit and eat with your child.

While we understand that it is necessary for you to bring younger children we ask that you please make sure they have been fed prior to your arrival.

Once the chimes have been rung please be sure that the children are cleaning their places and take their lunch boxes when they leave.

The teachers will collect the students and accompany them back to the classrooms.

Once the cafeteria has been cleaned please exit from the back stairs to the front office. Please check out and exit school by 12:50. DO NOT return to the classrooms.

Student Responsibilities:

Listen to and respect the adults on duty.

Follow directions the first time they are given.

Pay attention in line and keep your hands and feet to yourself.

Use proper manners and appropriate language.

Be responsible for your area, clean up floor and table trash.

DO NOT SHARE food (allergies and medical issues)

When the chimes have sounded please be quiet.

Students may not leave the lunch room without permission.

Please leave quietly and walking. 

Disruptions should be handled by the teachers on duty and should further consequences be needed the homeroom teacher will intervene.