Safety Guidelines


Guidelines for the Safety of All Children during Lunch and Recess

Lunch angels need to leave all cell phones, PDAs and Blackberries in their cars.

Please do not use them while on duty.

Lunch angels should introduce themselves to the class of which they are in charge .

Lunch angels need to carry a whistle with them at all times.

Please be aware of the play area designated for your class and keep them in it.

No class should be playing on the Seton Center property (including the benches, stairways and drainage areas).

No class should be playing in the courtyard outside the gym, on the stairs outside 2nd grade, or the area outside kindergarten classrooms.

To keep them safe please keep the children from:

 - Standing on top of all equipment (especially the bars and rings)

 - Climbing fences

- Standing or dancing on top of the picnic tables

- Running up the slide

- Dragging each other around w/ropes or hoola hoops

- Playing/running with sticks

- Playing in or near the batting cage

- NO PLAYING on the SNOW/ICE or throwing snowballs!!

Please blow your whistle to line the children up. They should be lined up a few minutes before the ending time in order to be at their appointed place on time.

When inclement weather keeps the children inside, they should be involved in QUIET indoor activities. They should not be roaming the halls. They should move quietly through the halls when traveling to and from the cafeteria