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 January 27th - January 31st

**updated 1/24**


It is hard to believe the beginning of February is approaching! This year is flying by, but there are still so many fun things a head of us!

Report cards went home on Friday, please be sure to sign and return the report card envelope.  The report card is yours to keep!

Please don't forget to register online for Hoops for Heart.  Any class with 100% registration receives a basket full of recess equipment!

Mark your calendars! The De Chantal Casino Night gala will be held on March 14, 2020 in the school gym. This will be a fun night out and a great way to raise money for the arts programs and building upgrades. Please visit www.dechantalcasinonight.com to become an event sponsor or to purchase tickets. The Gala committee is also looking for donations and people to host sign up parties. Reach out to with any questions.

This Friday we will be having our Compliment Party!  Children may bring a stuffed animal to school so they can watch The BFG with them! while they have pizza, juice and a sweet treat!

Sunday marked the beginning of Catholic Schools’ Week! This is a week- long celebration honoring all aspects of Catholic School, below is the list of themes for each day:

  • Monday: Parent Appreciation  Day ( Open House for new and current families)

  • Tuesday: Student Appreciation Day

  • Wednesday: Catholic School

  • Thursday: Community & Volunteer Appreciation

  • Friday: Teacher Appreciation

Below is the schedule for the week.  As always,please let me know if you have any questions or concerns.



Mrs. D




This week we will discuss the parables: The Lost Sheep, The Good Samaritan, The Mustard Seed, The Prodigal Son, and The Sower.  Students will be broken up into groups and assigned a parable.  They will read the story together, answer questions, complete an activity, and then reenact the parable for the class.  



Chapter 9: Multiplication and Facts Patterns -

In this chapter, students will find patterns in a multiplication table, and different ways to multiply (draw pictures/arrays, skip count, and write multiplication sentence) when 3, 6, 7, 8, and 9 are factors. Students will multiply three numbers and find products as well as missing factors using the Associative property.

Twenty minutes of IXL is due on Monday, February 3rd for the week of January 27th-Feb. 2nd. 


Language Arts:

We will finish reading The BFG by Roald Dahl. Your children have learned various different literary concepts. We have read about two chapters in class every day and had class discussions after reading along with some writing activities in their BFG packets. The questions students have answered in their packets are focused more on recollection and reasoning of what we just read. The  Reading Response Questions your children have had for homework pertained to the chapters we read that day. These questions were more challenging and required the children to think critically and come up with their own thoughts about what we have read that day. The nightly Reading Response question must be at least 4-5 complete sentences and signed by an adult each night

In the event your child forgets their writing journal at school, please have them answer the question on a lined piece of paper and bring to school the next day. I have attached the Response Question on the link below.

The BFG Reading Response Questions



Unit 17: Vowel Sounds in spoon and wood

Spoon, wood, drew, smooth, blue, balloon, flew, true, stood, chew, tooth, shook, shoe, move, blew, foot, loose, jewel

Eight sentences and ABC order 3x’s each are due on Thursday.  ALL assignments should now be written in cursive unless otherwise noted, thank you!


Science: Chapter 7: Changes in Weather

Lesson 1: Weather: we will define weather and its different  characteristics

Key terms: atmosphere, weather, temperature, precipitation, wind, air pressure

Lesson 2: The Water Cycle: Infer how condensation and rain forms in the atmosphere. Describe the water cycle and how it relates to weather

Key terms: cloud, evaporation, water vapor, condensation, water cycle, tornado, hurricane, blizzard,

Lesson 3: Climates and Seasons: Explain why climate varies from place to place and summarize how seasons differ from place to place

Key terms: climate, sphere, axis, seasons


Social Studies:

We are finishing up our unit about Physical Features by doing an in-class group project focusing on our country’s five regions. Students will be broken up into groups and will research the region they have been assigned (Northeast, Southeast, Midwest, Southwest, or West). They will complete a graphic organizer to ensure they include the following information: Physical Features (landforms, bodies of water, climate), Landmarks, Products/Natural Resources, and Culture. We will end with a presentation from each group sharing what they have learned about their region.



Important Dates This Month

  • Sunday, January 26th: Beginning of Catholic Schools’ Week
  • Monday, January 27th: Open House (Current families welcome!)





  • De Chantal follows Montgomery County Public Schools for decisions regarding inclement weather closings, delays and early release. If there is a delayed opening, there is no "Morning Care". If there is an early school closure, there will be no "Extended Day". If school closes at the normal time, but Montgomery County cancels after school activities, Extended Day will be open. 


  • Please make sure your children are prepared for the colder weather.  No Child will be able to go outside for recess if they do not have coat, hat, gloves, etc.
  • Students should be playing IXL for 20 minutes every week. I will check every Monday and count the 20 minutes completed as a homework grade for that week. IXL is an excellent way to practice skills we are working on in the classroom and to review any concepts that may be tricky for your child. It is also a great way to study for tests!

  • Please remember that students may not bring in anything with nuts or processed in a factory handling nuts  for snack. Our room is a nut-free!


Tests/Quizzes Information

  • Religion and Language Arts quizzes are usually once a week. Students are allowed to use their workbooks/textbook for these tests to help further the skill of using text-based evidence to support their answers. Tests for Math, Science and Social Studies are at the end of every chapter and are typically not open book. These tests require studying outside of school. I will always give at least a full week of notice before a Math, Science or Social Studies test. 
  • Spelling tests are given every Friday. The weekly spelling homework (words in ABC order 3x each and 8 sentences hand written with one word per sentence) are due every Thursday.





  • Tests will be sent home in a signed paper folder. Please review all tests, sign,  and date the front cover and return to school.


  • If your child receives a grade of an AE or NE, please have them make test corrections on a separate piece of paper and staple to original test. 


  •  ALL tests (ME, AE, NE) must be returned to school in the signed paper folder by the date due.




Monday- Music

Tuesday- PE

Wednesday- Computers

Thursday- Library

Friday- Art