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I update my web page weekly to give an overview of what we are learning about in each subject. Please also look here for information about important upcoming dates and projects. I do not post daily homework, that is what their organizers are for :)

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Week of August 29-31: 

Happy first week of school! 


Language Arts- 



Social Studies- 

Important Dates This Month

  • August 29 First Day of School, Noon dismissal, Home & School Meeting @7 pm in Christopher Hall

  • August 31 Noon Dismissal

  • September 3 Labor Day, No School

  • September 5 Back to School Night Grades 3&4 @ 7 pm

  • September 15 Family Fun Night 

  • September 21 Noon Dismissal


  • Students should be playing IXL for 20 minutes every week. I will check every Monday and count the 20 minutes completed as a homework grade for that week. IXL is an excellent way to practice skills we are working on in the classroom and to review any concepts that may be tricky for your child. It is also a great way to study for tests!

  • Please remember that students may not bring in anything with peanuts or nuts in it for snack. Our room is a peanut free room! 

Tests/Quizzes Information

  • Religion and Language Arts quizzes are usually once a week. Students are allowed to use their workbooks/textbook for these tests to help further the skill of using text based evidence to support their answers. Tests for Math and Social Studies are at the end of every chapter and are NOT open book. These tests require studying outside of school. I will always give at least a full week of notice before a Math or Social Studies test. 

  • Spelling tests are usually every Friday. The weekly spelling homework (words in ABC order 3x each and 8 sentences hand written with one word per sentence) will always be due on Thursday.

  • If your child receives a grade of an S or below (anything below an 84) then please have your child do test corrections on a separate piece of paper stapled to the test. I will give half credit for all their corrections and then take the average of the old grade and new grade.

  • Please empty out Signed Paper Folders when your child brings them home.

**All dates are subject to change**


Monday- Library

Tuesday- Music

Wednesday- Computers

Thursday- PE

Friday- Art

If you have any questions or concerns please contact me at