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I update my web page weekly to give an overview of what we are learning about in each subject. Please also look here for information about important upcoming dates and projects. I do not post daily homework, that is what their organizers are for :)

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Week of March 18-22 News

  • Spring Uniform starts on Monday!

  • Report Cards will go home on Friday 3/22/19

  • Easter Candy (2 bags per child) is due on April 8th.  Thank you!

  • Please don't forget to register for the Dash! The first class who gets 100% registration will get a pizza party! If you are unable to attend, just register your child - it is the best way to support the Dash if you can't be here in person to enjoy all the fun! Click here to register: https://racewire.com/register.php?id=10221

  • Please make sure your children are practicing their multiplication facts.  We will begin division this week and it is so important they are confident in their multiplication skills in order to make the transition as smooth as possible.

Wax Museum Information:

Wax Museum information went home at the beginning of February.  Please make sure to mark your calendar for ALL important due dates for each step of this project – it is so important that ALL due dates are met work is handed in on time. Students are encouraged to hand work in BEFORE the due date. Thank you! For more information, please refer to the packet that went home. The Wax Museum presentations will take place on Friday, April 5th from 9:00-9:45 (location is TBD). We are SO excited!!

    • Tuesday, March 19: Biography Information Sheets

    • Friday, March 29: Biography Report (Speech & Poster)


What we will be learning this week- March 11-15:

Math- Chapter 10: Division Concepts

We will wrap up chapter 10 this week. The chapter pretest will be handed out on Wednesday and due Friday.  The test will also be on Friday. In this chapter, students used repeated subtraction and counters to model division, related multiplication and division, divided by 2, 5, and 10, used rules for dividing with 0 and 11, and problem solved using skills and strategies.

Please have your children continue to review multiplication facts –this is so important!

  • Twenty minutes of IXL is due on Monday March 18th for the week of March 11-17th.

Religion- The next few weeks we will work on our Lenten books and reflect on how we can prepare ourselves during this holy time in the Church.  During Lent, we will attend weekly Stations of the Cross which are presented by grades 3-7th. The eighth grade will present the Living Stations, before Easter break. It is such a beautiful re-enactment.  All are welcome to attend.

Language Arts- Our main selection this week is a narrative nonfiction story titled, “What Do Illustrators Do?”   This story describes how illustrators work on illustrating a picture book. We will discuss sequencing of events and learn to identify words in the text that will help determine the correct order in which they happen ( i.e., first, next, last, finally, before, after, and at the same time).  We will introduce this week’s key words on Monday by reading, “Draw”. We will continue to discuss main ideas as we summarize each page.

Key words: instance, illustrate, style, textures, sketches, suggestions

Spelling- Unit 24: Review Unit (Units 19-23)

No spelling homework or test this week!

 Social Studies- We have started our unit on citizenship! We are learning the different rights and responsibilities of citizens, the duties of citizens, and what it means to be a good citizen. We will also learn about different people in history that have showed exemplary character traits and have changed their communities for the better.  

Science- Before we begin our last chapter of the year, we will engage in some very fun STEM activities! Your children will identify simple problems with an object’s design, then discuss, and plan ways for a successful solution. Next week’s activity will be and introduction to STEM, then we will dive right in with a more detailed activity the following week!

Chapter 8: Planet, Moon, Stars

Lesson 1: The Sun and Earth: Explain what causes day and night and the seasons. Describe the Sun Key terms: rotate, axis, revolve, orbit, star

Lesson 2: The Moon and Earth: Identify the phases of the Moon and explain why the Moon seems to change shape. Describe features of the moon Key terms: phase, crater

Lesson 3: The Planets: Describe our solar system and the inner and outer planets. Key terms: solar system, planet, telescope, space probe

Lesson 4: The Stars: Describe stars and constellations. Describe why different constellations can be seen during different seasons. Key terms: constellations


Important Dates This Month

  • March 6 Ash Wednesday, Field Trip
  • March 8 No School (ADW Collaboration Day)
  • March 15 End of 3rd Quarter, Noon Dismissal
  • March 19 Biography Info Sheets due for Wax Museum Project
  • March 22 Report Cards Go Home
  • March 29 Posters and Speeches due for Wax Museum Project


  • De Chantal follows Montgomery County Public Schools for decisions regarding inclement weather closings, delays and early release. If there is a delayed opening, there is no "Morning Care". If there is an early school closure, there will be no "Extended Day". If school closes at the normal time, but Montgomery County cancels after school activities, Extended Day will be open. 

  • Students have the google chrome logins and passwords on a label in their organizers. On our google classroom there are various different study tools for all subjects that we have been posting. It is an excellent tool for practicing vocabulary, spelling, math skills, etc. 

  • Students should be playing IXL for 20 minutes every week. I will check every Monday and count the 20 minutes completed as a homework grade for that week. IXL is an excellent way to practice skills we are working on in the classroom and to review any concepts that may be tricky for your child. It is also a great way to study for tests!

  • Please remember that students may not bring in anything with peanuts or nuts in it for snack. Our room is a peanut free room! 

Tests/Quizzes Information

  • Religion and Language Arts quizzes are usually once a week. Students are allowed to use their workbooks/textbook for these tests to help further the skill of using text based evidence to support their answers. Tests for Math and Social Studies are at the end of every chapter and are NOT open book. These tests require studying outside of school. I will always give at least a full week of notice before a Math or Social Studies test. 

  • Spelling tests are usually every Friday. The weekly spelling homework (words in ABC order 3x each and 8 sentences hand written with one word per sentence) will always be due on Thursday.

  • If your child receives an AE (Approaching Expectation) or NE (Not Approaching Grade -Level Expectation at this time) on any assessment that comes home in their Signed Paper Folder, then please have your child do corrections on a separate piece of paper stapled to the assessment. 


**All dates are subject to change**


Monday- Library

Tuesday- Music

Wednesday- Computers

Thursday- PE

Friday- Art