Vocab - 6th grade


For every 5 day school week, we will study a unit of vocab. Quizzes will always be Friday.  #1-10 sentences will always be due Wednesday, workbook practice due Thursday, and sentences #11-20 due Friday. If it is a 4 day week or less, there will either not be vocabulary that week, or it will be a review unit week. Please see Google classroom, the 6th grade homework board, or my website for more details. We are on Unit 2 this week. 

For all other information, I have made a new website.  Check back at least once a week and periodically for changes. Click my bitmoji!


Students: The sentences are getting better. Here are some helpful tips:
1. Capitalize proper nouns, I, the beginnings of sentences, and names.
2. Highlight, bold (any color!), or underline the vocabulary word in every sentence.
3. Number your sentences.
4. Use 12 pt font.
5. Use a font that is legible. If you can't find one you like, I like Times New Roman. However, this is not mandatory for sentences if you have a font that is readable that you like.
6. PLEASE use the Dechantal heading.
7. Use nouns as nouns, verbs as verbs, etc. However, you can change the tense or make plural/singular.
8. Try to be sure to be consistent with tense.
9. Use your books to help and spell check! Proofread!
10. HAVE FUN! I love to read these when you are being creative and fun.


Vocabulary is one of my favorite subjects to teach. It is so important in all subjects. Get ready for "vocab bees", games, and other ways to learn (not just memorize) words to broaden your lexicon. If you are using the website you need this code  to get on: VW13SAHND88Y

On the right side, choose version 2012-2013, then level A, then student. Then you'll need to sign up with a parent.


An additional option:  www.vocabtest.com has all of our units on it with new games and quizzes. It is definitely worth checking out.