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Religion and Vocabulary for Grade 7

For all homework assignments and reminders on upcoming assessments: please refer to the 7th Grade Homework Board.




Every week, one student is responsible for bringing a paper about a Saint of his or her choice. The paper should include:

1)         A picture of this person that can be printed from a website - 10 points

2)         A quote from this person – 10 points

3)         A brief text explaining why the person and the quote were chosen, where this person was born and when, and what this person did that made him or her an important example for all of us. (Must be at least one page, broken down into paragraphs. Each paragraph must have at least 5 sentences) – 30 points.

Students will read the paper to the class.

The paper must be typed, in 12-point font, and double spaced. Papers will be graded as a test, and this will reflect in the quarter that the paper is presented. 

Students are responsible for bringing the paper on the due date. Students will not be reminded by the teacher. The assigned date might change according to the school schedule, snow days, etc.




List of students and due dates are posted in the classroom!


Important Dates:

August 29 -     School Opens, 12 noon Dismissal; HSA Meeting

August 30 -      Full day - bring snack and lunch. Order Hot Lunch

August 31 -      12 noon Dismissal

September 3 -   School Closed for Labor Day

September 4 -    School Resumes; Back to School Night 7 pm

September 5 -    Last Day to Order Hot Lunch

September 21 -   12 Noon Dismissal