Second Grade

Teachers:  Mrs. Lozupone and Ms. Coogan

Week of March 23- March 27

Here is this week's online activity:

-Explore the website of the San Diego Zoo! They have virtual tours, interviews with zookeepers and more!

-Pick your favorite animal and write 5 sentences.

San Diego Zoo- Kids Website


Activities at home!


-Collect all the toilet paper rolls in your house. Place them in one long line. Estimate how long you thing they'll be. Using a measuring tape, measure them in inches, feet and yards. Now stack them as high as you can without letting them fall. 

Language Arts
-Respond to our letter.

-Finish your book biography.  

-Please continue to work on your packets. 

-Write 2-5 sentences in a journal every day! 


Check Flipgrid every few days for more activities! 


We miss you and can't wait to all be together again.