Rm. 4 - Mrs. Lozupone


                       March 13th   

First let me say how proud I was of all the children in the way they handled the next two weeks and being off from school. They had lots of questions but were calm and at ease with all that is going on. They really are a special group of Second Graders. 

I will keep you updated with this web page on things to do with your children. You do not have to do any thing it is just suggestions.    

MATH -  Since our next chapter is on measuring you could bake a cake or cookies and have your child measure out the ingredients. Measure your room and everyone in the family with feet and yards and also do it using metric. 

RELIGION - Discuss Lent and you can read the Miracles in the bible. 

 SPELLING - This is a GREAT time to practice your sight words and how to spell them.

READING -  Work on your Biography Book Report and be sure to write in your reading log each day. 

GRAMMAR - We have studied nouns, verbs and adjectives. 

HANDWRITING - Practice writing your name and putting the letters together. 

Science- If you go on Pinterest there are so many fun experiments that are easy to do. 


We will discuss the Communion Retreat and try to pick another date when we return. 

 Most of all I would like to thank you all for being so supportive during this time. Your children are so lucky to have you. Enjoy this time for a little family bonding. 

   Stay well.                                                                                                                               Mrs. Lozupone