Rm. 4 - Mrs. Lozupone



                 March 18th - 22nd

  I hope you all had a fun St. Patrick's Day . Many children told me they tried to catch a leprechaun but no luck. They did tell me all the fun things the leprechauns did around their house. 

Our Week

Math - We are working on fractions. Today we introduced more or less than involving fractions and word problems. 

Religion - Today we discussed the life of St. Patrick. We will be working on our mass booklet explaining the parts of the mass. We will also attend Stations of the Cross.

Bible - The Miracle of the Loaves and Fish.

Reading - Dig, Wait and Listen. Non -fiction. The life of the Spade foot Toad. I will still read the test to the class but this last quarter I will no longer give the answers the day before. We are getting ready for 3d grade.  

Grammar -  Pronoun and Plural Nouns.

Spelling - Unit 25. Compound words.

Spelling Words 

cannot, maybe, baseball, pancake, playground, someone, myself, classroom, sunshine, upon, outside, nothing.

* Handwriting - Practice writing our names. Letter "y".


* I hope you all received the e-mail from Miss Daniel that the Communion Parent Meeting on Wednesday is cancelled.

* The children may start wearing their summer uniforms. 

* Science Projects are due Tuesday, April 2nd.

*Easter candy is due on April 8th.

   I've seen robins and flowers beginning to sprout so lets hope Spring will be here soon.

                     Mrs. Lozupone