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Mrs. Skibo



Welcome to Kindergarten at St. Jane de Chantal School!

Kindergarten brings Superkids, the Thanksgiving Feast and play, the 100th Day Party, the Valentine’s Day Ball, the very exciting Leprechaun Traps and much more! We look forward to enjoying each and every moment with your children this school year. 

In these unprecedented times with Covid19, we are working hard to provide the best possible school experience for your children. We appreciate your patience and positive support at home! 

October 27th - 30th

I hope everyone enjoyed the three day weekend. The teachers had an excellent virtual collaboration day with the entire ADW. We learned many strategies for virtual and hybrid teaching. This week, the Blue Team is in school on Tuesday and has picture day to please come to school wearing the winter uniform. Our all-virtual students may sign-up for their picture time slot, which will take place Tuesday afternoon. Wednesday is a virtual day for all students as usual. The Green Team is in school on Thursday and Friday. Picture day for the Green Team will be on Thursday.

The winter uniform is for 2nd and 3rd quarter. For boys this is the long or short sleeve polo with pants. For girls this is the blouse and jumper. Girls may wear de Chantal socks or blue, white or black stockings under their jumper. Girls may not wear stretchy pants in place of tights under the jumper. Boys do not wear tied or oxford shirts until first grade.

Thank you to all of our families who bought pies and supported the HSA Fall Festival! Our community is stronger with involved families :)

The Green Team will have their Halloween Party on Friday, Oct. 30th and the Blue Team will have their Halloween Party on Monday, Nov. 2nd. On Friday, Oct. 30th, Mrs. Skibo will have a virtual Halloween Party for all-virtual students and blue team students. On your student's party day (blue team will be able to wear their costume twice, once virtually, once in-person) your student may wear their costumes. Please no props (swords, handcuffs, etc), Halloween masks (still wear your regular COVID mask), and please make sure your child is able to use the bathroom wearing their costume. Your child can wear sneakers to school and does not need to wear the uniform under the costume. Friday, Oct 30th is a half day, so green team students should not need to change. 

Please send a Halloween treat with your child on the day of their party to enjoy at snack time (Green Team- Friday and Blue Team- Monday). We are not allowed to bring treats for the students from our homes and parents aren't allowed to send in treats for the whole class. Thank you for understanding. We will provide fun games, activities, and crafts for the party! 

We will officially be ALL-VIRTUAL the week after Thanksgiving. Monday is still a no-school day (as per the set calendar) but Tuesday- Friday will be all virtual with our normal virtual schedule of 8:45-2:45 and Wednesdays watching our videos after our Morning Meeting Zoom. Hopefully families will return from their travels and take that week to make sure no illnesses arise before returning to school in person on December 7th. 

We continue our weekly Star Student with Amir this week. When it is your child's week, they can bring a show and tell and a book each day they are in school. We will make sure the show and tell and book are not passed around or used by other students. The days your child is virtual, they will be able to present their show and tell around 11:45, before we go to lunch. If your blue team child has a favorite book for each day of the week (many do) just send them all in by Tuesday and I will get them from school to read virtually and return them to your student the following week. If your green team student has favorite books, please send them in the Friday before their week so I can read them Monday and Tuesday from home. 

Don't forget to scroll down and see our calendar at the bottom of the page. There are many half days, no school days, and important dates coming up. 

Recess angel sign-up times are available! The kindergarten recess time is 12:30-1pm. You must be Virtus certified to volunteer and must wear a mask. If you volunteer, please meet us at the back door to our classrooms. We apologize in advance that parents cannot enter the school (even to use the bathroom) and younger siblings must stay at home. If it is raining, there will not be outdoor recess, so we won't need a volunteer that day. Your main job is to keep the students socially distanced and safe. Thanks for your help!

Below you will find our schedule for the week - have a great week!!


Mrs. Skibo

Weekly Schedule:

Religion: We continue to pray daily. We pray at the beginning of our day, at meals, and at the end of the day. We pray in religion class and at special times in school. This week we wrap up the Archdiocesan Safety Program. We will review bad weather people, lures and tricks, instincts, and safety rules such as helmets, seatbelts, crossing the street, calling 911, and more. On Thursday we begin our discussion of All Souls Day. We discuss the Catholic tradition surrounding All Souls Day, November 1st and pray for those that have died in our families. Next week we discuss All Saints Day and the saints we may be named after or are important in our lives. 

Reading: This week we continue learning about the letter Dd with Doc. Doc loves to build and fix things in her shop with her tools. We listen for the sound of Dd at the beginning and end of words. We discuss inventions and fixing things. New vocabulary includes inventions, odd, fancy, and plain.  We begin to blend the sounds of C, O, G, A, and D together to make decodable words. These are words that can be blended and do not have to be memorized such as: cod, add, odd, and cog. We learn to write upper and lowercase Dd the D'Nealian handwriting way. We read Doc's library book and Supersmart: A House For Muffin. We discuss inventions and fixing things. New vocabulary includes inventions, odd, fancy, and plain. 

During Doc's unit, will read books about inventions and women who defied society to do things differently, such as Who Says Women Can't be Doctors?, Rosie Revere Engineer, Dream Something Big, The Original Cowgirl, and other books about engineering and building.

Math:  This week we wrap up chapter 3: numbers 0-5. We have focused on reading, writing, modeling, manipulating, counting to, and using numbers 0-5. This week we continue ordinal numbers, logic reasoning problems, and a review of the numbers 0-5. We will review for the test with the booklet All Dressed Up, take the test in school, and then start chapter 4 next week on graphing. The hardest part for kindergarten is writing numbers in the correct direction. Practice, practice, practice is the best way to learn the correct number direction and formation. 

Language Arts: This week we continue to strengthen handwriting with whiteboards. We will also complete worksheets that focus on the letter A and D. We continue our weekly journal writing. When listening to stories we recognize different text structures such as in a poem, understand descriptive language, and answer reading comprehension questions about characters, plot, and the order of events. 

Science/Social Studies: This week we continue our unit in Social Studies about the meaning and traditions surrounding the holiday of Halloween. We explore bats, skeletons, witches, and all hallows eve. Next week we explore the harvest vegetable, pumpkins, in science. 

Important Dates:

Monday, October 26th:

- Teacher ADW Collaboration Day- No School

Tuesday, October 27th:

- Picture Day for Blue Team, winter uniforms please

- Picture Day in evening for all-virtual team

 Thursday, October 29th:

- Picture Day for Green Team, winter uniforms please

Friday, October 30th:

- Green Team Halloween party- can wear costume to school

- Virtual Halloween party- can wear costume on computer

- Noon Dismissal- end of first quarter

Monday, November 2nd:

- Blue Team Halloween Party- can wear costume to school

- Winter uniforms begins for virtual students

Tuesday, November 3rd:

- Election Day- No School

Wednesday, November 4th:

- Winter uniform for EVERYONE


Volunteer Information

Before you may volunteer in the school, you must attend a Child Protection Workshop and complete a background check with Catherine Tomsheck. Please click here for more information: http://www.dechantal.org/hsa/volunteering-compliance-process/


****Important  Reminders****

- Please pack your child a snack, drink, trash bag (small newspaper bags work well), and a wash-cloth to use as a placemat EVERYDAY.

 - We are a nut-free classroom. Please do not send your child with items that contain nuts or are processed in a factory with nuts for morning snack. 

Important papers will typically be sent home in your child's red folders everyday, but packets for Blue and Green Team will always go home on the 2nd day of their in-person schedule. Please empty the folder before sending back to school the next day.

- Please practice self-help skills with your children (opening lunch containers, zipping backpacks and lunch boxes, tying shoes, buttoning clothing items). These are skills used in the classroom daily.  

- Don’t forget to label everything your child brings or wears to school, we have many, many children all wearing the same thing, it is hard to trace clothing and lunch boxes back to their owners!

- When sending money in to school please place in sealed envelope and label the outside with a To: and From: as well as what it is for. 


Weekly Specials Schedule 

We will provide instructions for the 5 specials in the classroom or at home virtually with Mrs. Skibo. All of the Specials will be on a rotating schedule. You will never need the PE uniform right now. The 5 specials are: library, art, music, PE, and computers. We will not have all of these each week, but will try to get in as many as we can.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Who are the kindergarten teachers? Mrs. Skibo is starting her 7th year teaching KA at de Chantal. She comes to de Chantal after 10 years as a Fairfax County teacher. Mrs. Skibo coaches cross country at de Chantal and has a 6th grade daughter at de Chantal as well as a 9th grade graduate of de Chantal who is attending WJ this fall. Ms. Green is a former de Chantal student who has come back "home" to teach KB. She comes to us from St. Martin of Tours where she taught 2nd grade. Ms. Green student-taught in a kindergarten classroom and has been trying to find her way back ever since! Mrs. Vicari is a former de Chantal first grade teacher who took on a business role with the school, handling tuition payments. After dropping her two oldest children off to college this fall at Villanova and Duquesne, she is excited and ready to get back into the classroom at de Chantal. She also has two children still in HS. 


  • What is the uniform for kindergarten students? All uniform items should be purchased at Flynn and O'Hara. There is a fall/spring and winter uniform. There is also a PE uniform. In the fall/spring, boys wear a short sleeve white polo shirt with the de Chantal crest, navy blue Flynn and O'Hara shorts, white or blue de Chantal socks, and the shoes are Bucks. The girls wear short sleeve polo shirts with plaid Bermuda shorts OR a white blouse with the plaid jumper, white or blue de Chantal socks, and either black or blue Mary Janes, saddle shoes, or Bucks. Shoes should be leather, not canvas. ALL students wear the PE uniform only on their designated PE day. The PE uniform is navy blue jersey shorts with the de Chantal logo, and a white PE t-shirt with the de Chantal logo. De Chantal socks and sneakers are worn to school on PE days.


  • Is there Hot Lunch and how does my child buy it? Currently, there is not hot lunch, however this may change. Usually we eat lunch in the cafeteria, but because of COVID, we will eat all meals in our classroom. There will be plenty of time to do this when the school year starts. Until we figure out hot lunch options, you will need to pack your child a snack and lunch in a lunch box each day. Some days are noon dismissal days and you do not need to pack a lunch.


  • Are you nut free? YES! We are nut free in every classroom. Sunbutter is allowed and coconut is good to go. 


  • Is there Extended Care? No, there is not morning care or after care at this time. We will update you as soon as this changes. 


  • What should I do if I have any questions? Feel free to email me: or ask a parent friend who’s child already attends de Chantal. There is a very detailed Handbook with answers to all of your questions. We will either send that out on the first day of school or give it out at Back to School Night.


  • I am worried about my child’s adjustment in a new school…. We understand completely and we are here to make that adjustment smooth and seamless. We work hard to make everyone feel welcome, loved, and safe. We will help your child make friends, introduce them to everything at de Chantal, and communicate with you frequently. It takes a little bit of time to adjust to kindergarten, but we will be with them every step of the way. Never hesitate to email me and let me know your concerns, or if your child work up on the wrong side of the bed and may need some extra love and care. Every year we successfully usher in a new group of kindergarten students and they go on to be successful first graders in June!


  • My child won't wear a mask or keep it on very long, what should I do? Due to the dangers associated with COVID-19 and CDC guidelines, all children must wear a mask while in school except for when eating or drinking. Therefore, if your child is not ready to do this all day, they should stay at home and participate in virtual learning. Once mask wearing is mastered, they may return to school. This is something everyone will have to get used to with time and practice.