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Mrs. Skibo



Welcome to Kindergarten at St. Jane de Chantal School!

Kindergarten brings Superkids, the Thanksgiving Feast and play, the 100th Day Party, the Valentine’s Day Ball, the very exciting Leprechaun Traps and much more! I look forward to enjoying each and every moment with your children this school year. 

Please check this website often. It will be updated weekly, aiming to answer many of your questions, however, if your questions are not answered, please feel free to email me anytime at

Please read on to see what we will be working on each week as well as information every kindergarten parent should know at De Chantal.

May 28 - 31, 2019

This week we make rosaries and enjoy a shorter week! The chicks are an entertaining part of class life and we finish up Superkids!! We begin the last chapter on subtraction and learn about the season of summer! With 11 days left of kindergarten we still have many exciting events to look forward to: the CYO awards banquet, the Variety Show, our last reading buddies with the 6th grade, making Rosaries, putting together Time Capsules, our end-of-year ice cream party and the last day of school!

Thank you for the Pringles cans, we now have enough. Time Capsules will go home this week. Please put them in a safe place until 8th grade. You may add items to the time capsule such as letters, art projects, small toys or notes to commemorate their kindergarten year. The 8th grade students just opened theirs last week, and one parent put her daughter's ballet shoes and her son's Pokemon card in their time capsules. It was very sweet. 

Thank you to the parents who have volunteered to help us make Rosaries on Thursday during religion. We are very appreciative of your time and aid. 

End of year testing will begin this week. We will test on self help skills such as tying shoes, knowing one's address, phone number and birthdate, all letters of the alphabet, the names and their sounds, handwriting, numbers to 30, memory words and decodable words. Please review with your child.

Next week (June 3-7), the room parents will be organizing the last major volunteer opportunity of the year, collating! This is a kindergarten tradition and one that was fulfilled by the current first grade parents for the benefit of your children. I am sure our parents will not mind carrying on the tradition to collate math book pages for next year's kindergarten. The more volunteers the better. Thanks for volunteering!

We have finished our star student project, having learned many fun facts about each student in our class, but will continue to pass the puppies one more time. This week Grace will take them home for the first part of the week and Gretchen will have them for the weekend. Students will either have the puppies Tuesday- Thursday or Friday through Tuesday. I know that printing pictures can be difficult. You can always have your son or daughter draw pictures to make it easier.

Please feel free to email me with any questions or comments you may have at . I am also available to meet in person before school or after school most days, just email to set up a time. Happy Fall!


Mrs. Skibo

Weekly Schedule

Religion: We pray a decade of the Rosary each day. We discuss May as Mary's month. During the month of May we sing to Mary, bring flowers to her, pray the rosary and make our own rosaries. We will make our own rosaries on Thursday and then have them blessed before bringing them home.

Math: This week we dive into the chapter on simple subtraction. This week we will model subtraction with manipulatives, practice subtraction problems, subtract 1 from numbers 0-9 and subtract 2 from numbers 0-9. We will practice writing and solving number sentences.

Reading: We spend the week wrapping up Unit 24 on Zz. In this unit the Superkids made their own Superkids photo album to remember all of the fun adventures they went on as a club. They retell stories of scavenger hunts, putting on plays, making gifts for the animals at the vet, cleaning the bus, and much more! Your child learned the sounds of Zz and how to write these letters in the D'Nealian form. We learned how to form plurals by adding an "s" to the end of words, which when read can sound like a z. We also introduced long vowel sounds for a, e, and i, o and u. New vocabulary includes: photo album, photo, quiz, past, present, and future. The new memory word is: was. We read the story: The Superkids Album. We also discuss the lasting lesson of learning how to accept change....as in getting ready for first grade changes!

I have added Memory words and Decodable words to the list below. Make sure you have made flashcards for the words and are practicing multiple times a week. 

Scroll down to find a list of the Superkids and letters (as we learn them). Use the Superkid booklets that we have sent home as nightly read-alouds. Your child should be able to read the whole story with a little help from you. 

Language Arts: This week we will read the Supersmart Interactive book: A Visit to the Past. We will read the library books: Fast Sam, Ettabetta's Pen Pal, and The Gifts. We read books the alphabet and the past. We practice writing longer sentences and illustrating the sentences. We discuss long vowels. 

Science: This week we focus on our study of the chicks! The chicks have hatched and now we will keep them for two weeks as we learn about their life cycle, their needs, and the part they play in our world. This month long study began with an introduction to important vocabulary such as albumen, yolk, embryo, air sac, pipping, and more. We will prepared the brooder (their home) and wrote in our chick journals about the daily development of the embryo. Now that the chick have hatched we discuss how to take care of a live animal. We research questions such as: How long do chickens live? When do they lay eggs? How do I know if the chicken is a male or a female? What living conditions does a chick need to grow and thrive? Each day we record observations of the chicks. We will also be able to hold the chicks and let them run around our room a little! We will have one last drawing for a family to take the chicks home this weekend (June 1-2). We will let you know by Wednesday if you were chosen. This is a fun and informative project!

Social Studies: This week we discuss Summer! We learn about this popular season, the activities we enjoy, the foods we eat and the clothing we wear. Next week we will discuss space!

Superkids We Have Covered

C is for Cass who loves to Cook Concoctions

O is for Oswald who loves Odd Animals

G is for Golly who loves to sniff Grass and Garbage

A is for Alf who loves Adventures

D is for Doc who loves to fix broken toys

S is for Sal who loves Sports

L is for Lily who Loves her Little Lions

I is for Icky who learns information from watching TV

T is for Tic, Tac, and Toc who love to Toss Tangerines & Tootle on a Tuba

F is for Frits who loves to Fish

E is for Ettabetta who love puzzles and games

H is for Hot Rod who loves to "race" fast cars

U us for US, all of the Superkids together

B is for Bus- the Superkids' new hangout

R is for Rainbow- the decoration the Superkids paint on the bus

N is for Noodle, Supernoodle that is!

M is for Map, a scavenger hunt map!

P is for Picnic

V is for Veterinarian 

W is for Wagwags

K is for Kings

Q is for Queens

J is for Jokes

X is for Box

Y is for Yes! and You


Memory Words

(words you just have to memorize)

God, Oswald, Golly, Alf, Lily, a, Icky, I, Frits, Ettabetta, the, Hot Rod, Superkids, of, Supernoodle, no, for, put, to, like, said, you, was

Decodable Words from Superkids (1st Semester)

(words you can sound out by blending letters)

cod, add, odd, cog, dog, Cass, sad, gas, sad, sod, clad class, clog, doll, glad, glass, gloss, lad, lag, lass, log, loss, Sal, salad, did, dig, dill, gill, ill, is, lid, Sid, sill, slid, act, at, cast, cat, cost, cot, dot, got, it, last, list, lost, lots, sat, sit, slot, still, stilt, Tac, tag, Tic, tilt, Toc, toss, tot, Alf cliff, fad, fast, fat, fig, fill, fist, fit, flag, flat, floss, fog, gift, if, lift, loft, off, sift, soft, staff, stiff, Ed, egg, elf, fed, fell, felt, get, led, left, leg, less, let, self, sell, set, sled, Ted, tell, test, had, hat, held, hid, hill, his, hit, hog, hot, hot dog, cuff, cut, dug, dull, dust, fluff, fuss, gull, Gus, gust, huff, hug, hut, lug, stuff, tug, us

Decodable Words from Superkids Club (2nd Semester)

New words are in bold:

bad, bag, bat, bed, bell, belt, best, bet, big, bill, bit, blast, blob, boss, bud, bug, bus, but, club, cub, glob, sob, tub, brat, crab, crust, drag, dress, drift, frog, grab, grass, rabbit, rag, red, rest, rid, rub, rug, rust, scrub, an, and, ant, band, bun, cabin, can, contest, dentist, end, fan, fantastic, fin, fun, grin, grunt, hand, hen, hunt, in, insect, land, lend, lent, nest, net, not, nut, on, ran, robin, run, sand, send, sent, snag, stand, sun, ten, tent, tunnel, until, am, comic, glum, gum, ham, him, mad, mat, melt, men, mend, mess, miss, mitten, mud, muffin, must, smell, bump, camp, cap, clap, clip, crisp, cup, damp, drip, drop, dump, flaps, flip, flop, gulp, gumdrop, happen, help, hiccups, hip, hop, lamp, lap, lip, lump, map, mop, nap, nip, pants, pass, past, pat, pen, pest, pet, picnic, pig, piglet, pigpen, pill, plan, planet, plant, plastic, plum, pond, pop, pot, present, press, problem, puff, puppet, ramp, rip, sip, slap, slip, slop, snap, snip, spend, spill, spin, spot, stamp, stomp, stop, stump, tap, tip, top, trip, up, upset, eleven, seven, van, vast, vat, velvet, vent, vest, vet, visit, swim, twig, twin, wag, web, wed, well, went, wept, west, wet, wig, will, wilt, win, wind, windmill, ask, back, bank, basket, blanket, brick, bucket, clock, crack, cricket, desk, drink, duck, ink, kept, kick, kids, kiss, kit, lock, mask, muck, pack, pick, pocket, rock, rocket, sack, sick, sickness, skip, skit, skunk, snack, sock, stick, quack, quick, quilt, quit, jab, jack, jacket, jam, jet, job, jog, jug, jump, junk, just, yell, yelp, yes, yet, yuck, yum, ax, box, boxes, fix, fox, mix, next, ox, oxen, sandbox, six, wax, buzz, fizz, fuzz, pretzels, quiz, zip

Important Dates: 

Monday, May 27th:

- No School- Memorial Day

Thursday, May 30th:

- Rosary making

- Variety Show

Thursday, June 6th:

- Ice Cream End of Year Party- all invited

Friday, June 7th:

- Half Day

Monday, June 10th:

- Half Day

Tuesday, June 11th:

- Last Day of School

- 10:30am Dismissal

 Weekly Specials Schedule 

Monday: Computers

Tuesday: PE

(wear PE uniform & sneakers to school)

Wednesday: Library

Thursday: Music

Friday: Art

 Volunteer Information

Before you may volunteer in the school, you must attend a Child Protection Workshop and complete a background check with Catherine Tomsheck. Please click here for more information: http://www.dechantal.org/hsa/volunteering-compliance-process/

****Important  Reminders****

- We have PE on Tuesdays. Please have your child come to school wearing only the PE uniform: white DeC tshirt and blue shorts with tennis shoes and school socks. Your child will wear this PE uniform EVERY Tuesday. Please do NOT wear it underneath the regular fall uniform.

- Please pack your child a snack, drink, trash bag (small newspaper bags work well), and a wash-cloth to use as a place mat EVERYDAY- even half days.

 - We are a nut-free classroom. Please do not send your child with items that contain nuts or are processed in a factory with nuts for morning snack. All birthday treats must be nut free and not processed in a factory with nuts. 

- If you are sending your child to extended day, please remember to fill out the form located online: 


- Important papers will typically be sent home in your child's red folders every Tuesday and Thursday but may be sent home on other days as well (especially in the beginning of the year) when important time-sensitive papers may have to come home. I will send an email to alert you should this happen. Please empty the folder before sending back to school the next day.

- Please practice self-help skills with your children (opening lunch containers, zipping backpacks and lunch boxes, tying shoes, buttoning clothing items). These are skills used in the classroom daily.  

- If there is any change in your child's dismissal routine (i.e. going home early, or being picked up by someone else, etc) you must send a note in that morning.  Please do not email me with time sensitive dismissal info because I may not get it in time for dismissal.

- Don’t forget to label everything your child brings or wears to school, we have many children all wearing the same thing, it is hard to trace clothing and lunch boxes back to their owners!

- When sending money in to school please place in sealed envelope and label the outside with a To: and From: as well as what it is for.