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Ms. Green


Welcome to Kindergarten (KB) at De Chantal!! I am so excited to be teaching your children this year! Kindergarten is the home of the Superkids, The Thanksgiving Day Feast, The Valentine’s Day Ball, The 100th Day of School, Leprechaun traps where hope to catch a Leprechaun and much, much more! Please be sure to check this page frequently for updates and contact me should you have any questions. 

 Summer Break!! 

I hope everyone has a fantastic, relaxing and FUN summer! Check back here in mid-August for updates on the 2020-2021 school year. 

Frequently Asked Questions


What class will my child be in? At de Chantal, Mrs. Hamilton releases the class lists for the upcoming school year a couple days before school begins in late August. The lists are posted at the entry door for the school (not the door facing old Georgetown Rd, but the door near the Atrium). Mrs. Hamilton will send an email when the class lists come out. This is usually a very exciting and much anticipated announcement for the students! There are two kindergarten classes: KA and KB.


What is the uniform for kindergarten students? All uniform items should be purchased at Flynn and O'Hara. There is a fall/spring and winter uniform. There is also a PE uniform. In the fall/spring, boys wear a short sleeve white polo shirt with the de Chantal crest, navy blue Flynn and O'Hara shorts, white or blue de Chantal socks, and the shoes are Bucks. The girls wear short sleeve polo shirts with plaid Bermuda shorts OR a white blouse with the plaid jumper, white or blue de Chantal socks, and either black or blue Mary Janes, saddle shoes, or Bucks. Shoes should be leather, not canvas. ALL students wear the PE uniform only on their designated PE day. The PE uniform is navy blue jersey shorts with the de Chantal logo, and a white PE t-shirt with the de Chantal logo. De Chantal socks and sneakers are worn to school on PE days.


Is there Hot Lunch and how does my child buy it? Yes, there is hot lunch, but we are not sure what that will look like this school year. Usually we eat in the cafeteria, but we will most likely be eating all meals in our classroom.  We would have hot lunch delivered to our classroom. You MUST sign up ahead of time for hot lunch. There will be plenty of time to do this when the school year starts. Our hot lunches are provided by Off the Hook catering and there are three ordering terms during the school year. Until hot lunches have been ordered, you will need to pack your child a snack and lunch in a lunch box each day. Some days are noon dismissal days and you do not need to pack a lunch unless your child attends extended care.


Are you nut free? YES! We are nut free in every classroom. The cafeteria is not nut free, but does have nut free tables. Sunbutter is allowed and coconut is good to go.


What should we bring on the first day of school? Your child should be in full fall uniform with a backpack and a lunchbox. The backpack should not be a small pre-k backpack, it should be a full size backpack (Overall: 13.75" wide x 7.5" deep x 17" high or larger works best). In the backpack should be all of the school supplies from the list found on our de Chantal school supplies website. In the lunchbox should be snack for the first day , a washcloth to use as a placemat, and a trash bag (no lunch because it is a noon dismissal day). Each day you child’s lunch box should have a washcloth to be used as a placemat and a trash bag (newspapers bags work well). Even though you may pack their entire lunch using reusable containers, they will still need a trash bag each day to bring home trash from unexpected birthday treats and other snack items shared with our class.


When is dismissal? The first day of school is a noon dismissal. The next days, Thursday and Friday are full days with a 3pm dismissal. All school days run from 7:45am- 3pm. You will not be marked tardy if you are in school by 8:10am. Friday, September 4th is a noon dismissal and Monday, September 7th is Labor Day, so there is no school.


When is Back to School Night? Back to School night is at 7pm in the kindergarten classrooms on Wednesday, September 9th.


Is there Extended Care? Yes, our school has an awesome extended day program run by our former 2nd grade teacher and our current PE teacher. It has an outstanding study hall run by our resource teacher. Hours are from 7-7:45am and 3-6pm. There is an additional fee for the program. You can find more information on our de Chantal website.


What should I do if I have any questions? Feel free to email me:   or ask a parent friend who’s child already attends de Chantal. There is a very detailed Handbook with answers to all of your questions. We will either send that out on the first day of school or give it out at Back to School Night.


I am worried about my child’s adjustment in a new school…. We understand completely and we are here to make that adjustment smooth and seamless. We work hard to make everyone feel welcome, loved, and safe. We will help your child make friends, introduce them to everything at de Chantal, and communicate with you frequently. You will be able to walk your child in to school during the first week of school and after that, 7th and 8th grade students will help walk your child into school and get them to the right classroom. It takes a little bit of time to adjust to kindergarten, but we will be with them every step of the way. Never hesitate to email me and let me know your concerns, or if your child work up on the wrong side of the bed and may need some extra love and care. Every year we successfully usher in a new group of kindergarten students and they go on to be successful first graders in June!


*** Important Reminders***


  • We are nut free in the classroom. When we begin eating in the cafeteria, children may bring LUNCH items that contain nuts (or processed in a factory with nuts) because there are peanut free tables for the children with allergies.

  • Important papers will be sent home in your child's red folders every Tuesday and Thursday.

  • Label ALL of your child's belongings.

  • Please send in a washcloth and trash bag in your child's lunchbox every day.

  • When sending in money to school, please be sure to put it in a sealed envelope and write who/where it is to go on the front of the envelope.

  • If there is any change in your child's dismissal routine (i.e. going home early, being picked up by someone else, etc) you must send a note in that morning. Please do not email me with time sensitive dismissal info because I may not get it in time for dismissal.

 Star Student

On the Monday your child is Star Student please remember to send in their favorite book, pictures and show and tell item so they can share them with the class throughout the week. These items will be returned on Friday. Your children will have the opportunity to bring our class dogs home for the weekend! You will be able to write about their adventures at your house in a notebook that is provided. The dogs come back to school on Tuesday – the kids LOVE this!!



Please visit this site on our school's web page regarding the compliance process for all volunteers as it has recently change. Before you can volunteer and come into KB you need to have completed the VIRTUS workshop and background checks. If you have any questions please contact Catherine Tomsheck .Before you may volunteer in the school, you must attend a Child Protection Workshop and complete a background check with Catherine Tomsheck. Please click here for more information: http://www.dechantal.org/hsa/volunteering-compliance-process/


Sick Information

KB loves to share but we do not share germs, please keep your child home if he or she is sick! Children have to be without a fever for 24 hours without Tylenol &/or Ibuprofen before returning to school.Children have to stay home for at least 24 hours after vomiting. Please let me and Kathy Hayzlett, our school nurse, know if your child is sick and will be out of school.