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Please be sure to check this class webpage for information and reminders. I will occasionally put a secret word on the webpage. Write the secret word on your child's organizer, sign their organizer every day, and they will receive a small prize at the end of the week!

This week, 3/16:  

Remember we are not coming to school until the end of March, but please continue checking the google classroom, do IXL, and work on your virus packet! Also remember to wash your hands!

We are in the heart of cold and flu season, please remember that washing your hands with soap and warm water is so important!! We also love to share, but don't want to share germs so please remember to stay home when sick and not rush back into school too soon.


Save the date... Mrs. Cooper's Science Camp will be June 10-12 & 15-16. More details to come in January

Gala has been rescheduled to May 30!

Students may start to wear their spring uniform (polo shirt and shorts) starting March 16. 

In math: we will be working on decimals and fractions. Students should also be completing 20 questions of any starred section on IXL daily. Please continue to practice multiplication facts at home with your child, as this will bring them much success, even as we move into fractions. We will occasionally do mad minutes to help them practice their facts as well. Also please make sure your child is doing their 20 minutes of IXL weekly. This has a great tool to help them with their math skills, and counts as part of their math grade. It especially helps if they complete IXL related to the topic we are covering in class. 

Here is the website for our math book in case you forget your workbook or need extra practice. Math Book

In religion: we will start to talk about the Beatitudes. Students have religion word terms in their packet that they should be looking up and learning. They can make note cards, quizlets, kahoots, etc to help them study!

In language arts: We will be learning about pronoun verb agreement. Check IXL for starred activities for students to do daily. 20 questions of any starred section needs to be completed.

In reading: When we return, we will be reading The Titanic Sinks by Thomas Conklin. 

In spelling: Spelling unit 25 will be this week. Please complete 5x each, sentences, all six pages of the unit, and the spelling test on google classroom at home. A list of the words can be found on Mrs. Cooper's spelling webpage. 

In social studies: we will be talking about the Civil War. Students also have their historic landmark project they can be working on!


We have PE on Tuesdays, so please help your child remember to bring sneakers for PE.

Mrs. Cooper does Scholastic Book Orders for both classes. If you want to order Scholastic Book Orders here is the link.
Book Order Link
Our Classroom code is GXL2B

If your child is out sick, please email or call Mrs. Hayzlett at or 301-564-0125 

Ms. Morris