Rm. 8 Ms. Heany



Ms. Heany- 4th Grade

 Important notes this week:

  • MarchNews!

MS HEANY'S EMAIL IS NOW WORKING! if you have sent me an email in the past two weeks I have not received it. Thank you for being so patient! 

Please make sure you are finishing your 20 minutes of IXL each week (counts as a math grade!). 

Weekly Specials:

Monday: Library

Tuesday: Computer

Wednesday: PE

Thursday: Music

Friday: Art


Religion: In Religion we started learning more about the seventh and 9th commandment! 

Grammar: We have been working on Pronouns!

Reading: We are reading stories from our Treasure textbook.We will begin reading The Titanic Sinks!  

Math:  This week we are focusing on decimals!  Please make sure you are completing 20 minutes of IXL. I will be checking on Monday. 

Social Studies: In Social Studies we will begin learning about the Revolutionary War! 

Spelling: This Thursday we will be taking out Unit 24 Spelling Test.