Room 2 - Ms. Veith

First Grade / Overview

Welcome to First Grade

at St. Jane de Chantal!


Hello First Grade families! I am so excited for this year! Please feel free to email me at .



  • Religion, Reading, Math, Language Arts, Handwriting, Spelling, Science/Social Studies, and Specials










  • Tuesday, September 21st - PE (Students may wear their PE uniforms to school.)
  • Wednesday, September 22nd - Picture Day! (Students should wear their summer uniforms to school.)
  • Thursday, September 23rd - Puppet Theater Field Trip! (in school)
  • Friday, September 24th - Noon Dismissal


HOMEWORK (Week of September 20th):  


  • Superkids Workbook p. 3
  • Math Workbook pgs. 5-6
  • Review Spelling words


  • Superkids Workbook p. 4
  • Math Workbook pgs. 7-8
  • Review Spelling words


  • Superkids Workbook p. 5
  • Math Workbook pgs. 9-10
  • Review Spelling words


  • Superkids Practice Worksheet p. 8
  • Math Workbook pgs. 11-12
  • Review Spelling words

FRIDAY:  Have a wonderful weekend! :)



*Please send your child to school wearing a mask and with a full, reusable water bottle every day.

* The red folders go home daily with notes and graded work.  If you have any questions for me or the office, please e-mail or write a note and send it in your child’s red folder.

* Please make sure your child has a snack every day with a cloth place mat and a small bag for trash (ex: newspaper sleeve).

* Please note that we are PEANUT/TREE NUT FREE in the classroom.  Snacks and lunch are eaten in the classroom and must be nut free.  

*Birthday treats are permissible in school this year. Please make sure to send in individually wrapped treats for the whole class. 

*Room 2 has P.E. every Wednesday. First Graders can wear their P.E. uniforms to school. They should wear their de Chantal t-shirt, shorts, and socks as well as sneakers. In the winter, they should bring de Chantal sweatpants and sweatshirts to school. Please remember to label your child’s clothing, including shoes, belts, and ties, with your child’s name. Thank you!

 * First Grade goes to Mass on the first and third Tuesday of every month at 8:30 am. Parents are welcome to join! The first Mass will be on October 5th.

* Homework pages will be in the Math and Superkids workbooks. Please do not go ahead. A Math or Superkids worksheet may also be included as homework and can be found in your child's red folder.  There is no homework on Fridays!



Superkids Online Fun ( is going to be the best resource to keep your child on pace with our reading program. Click on “Link in to the Superkids Online Portal for schools and parents” on the bottom right. They are able to read current and past stories, play games, and watch the animations. 


Reading Websites:

Storyline Online: 



Spelling words will be listed below. Tests will be every Friday (or Thursday if there is no school on Friday). We work with these words every day in our spelling unit, but they should also be studied at home. The bonus word is just for fun, it does not count for or against the grade.  

**Visit for practice. Our weekly lists can be found here.  Spelling List # and date of test will appear. There are many fun activities to play! Please note- Room 1 also uses "eleboff"


SPELLING WORDS: Test on Friday, September 24th

 big, dig, hop, mop, tug, rug, cat, flat, best, nest


Memory Words:

Kindergarten review - I, a, the, for, you, like, to, of, no, was, said, put

Unit 1 - 

Unit 2 - 

Unit 3 - 

Unit 4 - 

Unit 5 - 

Unit 6 - 

Unit 7 - 

Unit 8 - 

Unit 9 - 

Unit 10 - 

Unit 11 - 

Unit 12 - 

Students make reading word cards to keep in their desk for practice as we learn them. You can practice at home by making word cards, playing memory, or creating simple sentences.




Math Websites: 

IXL: (Username: firstinitiallastname@dechantal // Password: dukes)

Sumdog: (username and password on index card in front of red folders)


Khan Academy:



Writing Websites:

Typing Club:




Science Websites: 

Mystery Doug:

National Geographic: 




Social Studies Websites:

History for Kids: