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Updated: Friday, January 25, 2019


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Quarter 2 Report Cards were sent home on Friday. Please keep the Report Card for your records, but sign and return the envelope. Thank you!

This week is Catholic Schools Week! Monday morning is our Open House. Please make sure uniforms are clean and neat so we are looking our best for the visitors! Monday is also Parent Appreciation Day - thank you for all you do!! We are lucky to have such wonderful, supportive, and generous parents who make our jobs easier. Tuesday is Student Appreciation Day. Wednesday we will show our appreciation for our wonderful leader, Mrs. Hamilton. Thursday we will thank our Community Helpers. Friday is Teacher Appreciation Day. 

My last day of school before the baby arrives will be this Tuesday. I will miss everyone greatly, but am so excited for my new adventure! Mrs. Moore will be taking over Room 2.  She can be reached via backpack mail or through and please check Mrs. Gilligan's website for weekly updates. 

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This week we will learn...

Religion: Chapter 16 Jesus teaches us to love others

Math: Chapter 8 Patterns and Symmetry

Reading: Unit 5 adding ed and ing

Spelling: review words

Language Arts: Writing a letter

Social Studies: Groundhog's Day

Science: Different Forms of Energy



  • Math, Religion, Phonics, Reading, Handwriting, Spelling, and Language Arts

  • We switch for Social Studies (Rm.1) and Science (Rm.2) twice a week

  • We have Music, Computers, P.E., Art, and Library once a week



TUESDAY: Computers

WEDNESDAY: Church Music, P.E.


FRIDAY: Library


Every night children should read his/her Trade Book and study weekly Spelling Words

MONDAY: No homework - Happy Parent Appreciation Day!

TUESDAY: No homework - Happy Student Appreciation Day!

WEDNESDAY: Math: 55; Grammar: 56

THURSDAY: Math: 56; Grammar: 57; Study Spelling words

FRIDAY:  None :)

**Trade Books are a part of daily homework. Your child will bring home a different school library book in a plastic envelope each day. Please read the book with/to your child, sign your name next to your child's name on the list and return to school the following day. If you do not have time to complete the reading, please send back the book so that it can be passed to the next person. The children are so excited to have a new book every night- enjoy!


Tests will be every Friday (or Thursday if there is no school on Friday). We work with these words every day in our spelling unit, but they should also be studied at home. The bonus word is just for fun, it does not count for or against the grade.  

**Visit for practice. Our weekly lists can be found here.  Spelling List # and date of test will appear.   There are many fun activities to play! Please note- Room 1 also uses "eleboff"

SPELLING WORDS: Next Test on 2/1

well       much     

club       grass     

wish      drum     

trip        stop     

best      sled 

Bonus word (just for fun!): Catholic


Kindergarten review - i, a, the, for, you, like, to, of, no, was, said, put

Unit 1 - I, my, he, she, his, her

Unit 2 - who, what, where, when, which, why

Unit 3 - do, have, show, how, me, a

Unit 4 - look, your, the, was, are, for

Unit 5 - there, from, be, we, or, to

Students make reading word cards that they keep in their desk in an index card box for practice as we learn them. You can practice at home by making word cards, playing memory, or creating simple sentences.


Things to Know:

*Wednesday is PE day.  Please send untied PE sneakers in the backpack or separate PE bag, do not wear them to school.  The Polo shirt and Bermuda shorts are the PE uniform in Spring and Fall. In the Winter, your child comes to school in the jumper or long pants and they must wear the PE uniform under their clothes. They may bring sweatpants to put on over their shorts. Please consider sending in an extra bag for when we change out of the winter uniform for PE. *No one changes in the bathroom.*  **Be sure to put names in all clothing, shoes, belts, lunchboxes, and backpacks.**

* Please make sure your child has a snack every day with a cloth place mat and a bag for the lunch box trash (ex: newspaper sleeve).

* Please note that we are PEANUT/TREE NUT FREE in the classroom.  Snacks are eaten in the classroom and must be nut free.  Nut free birthday treats should be sent in with your child in the morning and we will celebrate at snack time. Please be sure birthday treats are labeled "Peanut/Tree Nut Free".  Thank you! 

* Homework pages will be circled in the Math and Grammar workbooks.  Please do not go ahead.  Sometimes a loose Math sheet may also be included as homework.  There is no homework on Fridays!  Please use any extra time to practice reading words and I Can Read Books, as well as memorizing math facts.

* The red folders go home daily with notes and graded work.  If you have any questions for me or the office, please e-mail or write a note and send it in your child’s red folder.

* First Grade goes to mass on the first and third Tuesday of every month. Parents are welcome to join!

* Thank you to everyone who volunteers their time to be Lunch Angels.  I truly appreciate the break. Please arrive at 12:05 Monday-Friday.  First Grade goes out to recess first. They come inside and go to the cafeteria for lunch at 12:25. A teacher will come down to pick up both first grade classes at 12:45, and lunch angels leave from the cafeteria. 

* All school volunteers must be VIRTUS certified.

* The First Grade supports the Christ Child Society's Layette Program by supplying diapers. We have talked about this with the students in religion.  We encourage the children to find chores around the house that they can do to earn the money to pay for the diapers. We want them to feel invested in the giving.  You may send in diapers at any time throughout the year. There will be several pick-ups throughout the year.  Thank you for your help!


*Play fun games online at home! (username and passwords are coming) (username is child's first initial and last name @dechantal - For example: agrant@dechantal; password is dukes)


  • January 25 - 2nd Quarter Report Cards go home (please return signed folder)
  • January 27-February 1 - Catholic Schools Week
  • February 9 - Father Daughter Dance
  • February 15 - No School; Professional Day
  • February 18 - No School; President's Day; Mrs. Harrington's Birthday!
  • February 19 - Mrs. Moore's Birthday!
  • March 5 - Pancake Supper
  • March 8 - No School; ADW Professional Day
  • March 15 - Noon Dismissal; End of 3rd Quarter
  • March 22 - 3rd Quarter Report Cards go home (please return signed folder)
  • March 24 - Mother Son Bowling
  • March 28/29 - 6th Grade Play
  • April 13 - DeChantal Dash
  • April 17 - Noon Dismissal; Spring Break begins
  • April 29 - School resumes

Have a wonderful week!

Love, Mrs. Leboff