Rm. 17 - Mr. Molloy


6th Soc. St. 7th Soc. St. 8th Soc. St.

Week 34 May 7 - May 11

 Hey Gang!

 Whelp, by my count, we are down to just 7 school days left.  Finals week is going just fine and the kids are happy and excited.  Spring time as an 8th grader at DeChantal is a special time.  Enjoy every moment!

I know I am!

Here is a snapshot of the rest of the year:

May 7-11—Finals Week

Wednesday – Spanish Final
Room 16 – 4th period
Room 17 – 5th period
Thursday – Math Final 2nd/3rd period
Friday – Science Final 2nd/3rd period

April 28 – Confirmation
May 15 – May Crowning
May 17-18 – Williamsburg
May 22 – Spring Fling
May 23 – Candle Ceremony
May 24 – Graduation

Lets finish the race strong!!

You can email me ANYTIME with questions or concerns.

Remember, hard work pays off and go Dukes!!

more to come.....

Best Regards,

Mr. Molloy


Just a few things:

-You are the leaders of the school.  Please act like it.  What the little ones see, the little ones do.

-If you are sick, please stay home.

-Kids, DON'T get caught with an unauthorized cell phone. If I find it, its mine for a long while.  Check the handbook.

-If you think you need a haircut, please get one.  If a teacher has to point out that you need a trim, its too late. Again, refer to the handbook.

-There are service hour opportunities throughout the year, the sign up sheets are first come first serve 

-Be respectful to others, and they will show you respect in return.