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Week 2 September 8- September 11

Hello everybody!!

Believe it or not.....we are off and running!!!!

It has most certainly been a challenge, but last week went GREAT!!

This week will be a bit trickier with the virtual AND in person students starting their academic year.  I will do ALL I can to make it fun, interesting and fulfilling. 

A snapshot of the day will be as follows.

Students will come into school at 820 and begin their class day.  Students at home will log into their homeroom teachers ZOOM link, wait for admission into the class,  and attend all classes from home.

There are built in breaks throughout the day and there will be some outside time and some quiet study time as well.

Mr. Molloy's ZOOM link is 


If I dont recognize the name, you will not be admitted.

Please be the leaders that I expect you to be.  Our whole school and community is counting on you!

My basic rules for the 8th grade are posted below.


All the best!

Mr. Molloy

 You can email me ANYTIME with questions or concerns at

Just a few things:

-You are the leaders of the school.  Please act like it.  What the little ones see, the little ones do.

-If you are sick, please stay home.

-Kids, DON'T get caught with an unauthorized cell phone. If I find it, its mine for a long while.  Check the handbook.

-If you think you need a haircut, please get one.  If a teacher has to point out that you need a trim, its too late. Again, refer to the handbook.

-There are service hour opportunities throughout the year, the sign up sheets are first come first serve 

-Be respectful to others, and they will show you respect in return.