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Week 29 March 23 - March 27

Hello everybody!!

I wanted to write and check in with everyone to see how they are holding up.......physically, mentally and spiritually.

In the Molloy household, we are trying to stay as positive and busy as possible, but believe me when I say that I wish we were back to a regular school schedule.  We are taking multiple walks and bike rides per day, we are working in the yard, doing puzzles, cooking new recipes and catching up on some movies at night.  Earlier today, me and my girls watched Fr. Guise say mass which was great.

Although I am not 100% certain, it looks like we are going to be out longer than the original 2 weeks, however, I will let you know if I hear any news regarding school closing. I have a faculty meeting Monday morning, so I will know more then.

I hope you are making your way through the original school folder work,  and any additional work will be assigned by individual teachers through google classroom, teacher pages and distance learning with zoom or google meet. 

Any work assigned by Mr. Molloy will be posted it in my 8th grade SS page.  The last chapter of the year is about how companies begin, grow and make money.  There are many different kinds of companies and many different famous company men who paved the way to who we are today. We need to figure out a way to still do our "Shark Tank" project where you start your own company. You will sell your product or service, design a logo, write a jingle and then pitch it to the class to try and get investors.  Let me think about that a bit.

Please continue to listen to your parents, be helpful around the house and try to keep a positive attitude.  Were ALL in the same boat here.  

Please send me an email and let me know how its going.  Maybe I'll even share my cell # before this is all over.

All the best!

Mr. Molloy


You can email me ANYTIME with questions or concerns at

Just a few things:

-You are the leaders of the school.  Please act like it.  What the little ones see, the little ones do.

-If you are sick, please stay home.

-Kids, DON'T get caught with an unauthorized cell phone. If I find it, its mine for a long while.  Check the handbook.

-If you think you need a haircut, please get one.  If a teacher has to point out that you need a trim, its too late. Again, refer to the handbook.

-There are service hour opportunities throughout the year, the sign up sheets are first come first serve 

-Be respectful to others, and they will show you respect in return.