6th Grade Religion- Mrs. Cron Room 12


This week we are studying chapter 2 and starting chapter 3. There will be an open book quiz on Wednesday for chapter 2.

For all other information, I have made a new website.  Check back at least once a week and periodically for changes. Click my bitmoji!

We also ask that you continue to pray everyday as you would in school and say grace before meals.


In 6th grade we will be focusing on the Old Testament.  Our textbook has a great website to use for studying.  Go to Loyolapress.com for more information. We will have a three minute retreat to begin most classes using our "Jesus Journals" in which students will share their thoughts and prayers with God.







This year we explore the Old Testament and other aspects of our faith. We will also prepare with religion terms that are important and pertinent to the understanding of our Catholic faith.

Cron R